Sports Nutrition Foundations for Female Runners

May 16, 2020

Sports Nutrition Foundations for Female Runners

The reasons for focusing on nutrition for training and the thoughts behind “when everything else is equal, nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing”.

Nutrition may be the element that’s preventing runners achieving improvement in performance for example running longer distances, getting PB’s, and ultimately, just be able to enjoy running more.

Find out about how female life stages and health conditions predominant in women may influence training and nutrition plans to support both health and running performance.

Finally take a deep dive into the two limiting factors in running performance i.e. carbohydrates and hydration from an athletic point of view as well as female angle.

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03:37 How sports nutrition is different for women, what would be the key things that we should be thinking about as female runners.

07.00 Take a look at the performance triangle of nutrition, training, and rest and sleep and typically where runners focus their attention.

10:34 What is the starting point for runners to start thinking about sports nutrition.

13:08 What do runners have to think about to get that foundational nutrition concept in place?

15:44 What to consider for nutrition specific to running.

17:44 How to personalise a nutrition plan for a female runner.

18:36 The benefits of a personalised nutrition plan.

21:35 Carbohydrates and hydration are the two well known limiting factors actually in running performance.

22:12 A deep dive into carbohydrates as a limiting factor

27:22 The challenges women have with regards to adapting their carbohydrate intake.

31:53 Hydration as a limiting factor.

37:48 The female angle, what women need to think about regarding how hydration.


  • Female HORMONES affecting (menstrual cycle, peri menopause, post menopause, pregnancy, post partum)
  • Female hormonal balance is complex and may be affected by many factors
  • MUSCLE development is different for women
  • Lifestyle challenges potentially different from men
  • Higher RISK factors for females for health conditions or health concerns such as thyroid, hormonally driven cancers, Auto Immune conditions, Osteoporosis, Disordered Eating and Weight Management

Weight management


  • Dehydration is a limiting factor in Running Performance
  • Hydration status needs to be considered pre, during, and post training/event.
  • Ensure you consider your hydration status on a daily basis,
  • Having a glass of water by your bed
  • Having some water before leaving the house
  • Start to carry a water bottle with you for all runs over 1hr
  • Plan your running route around the availability of water fountains
  • Consider purchasing a Camelbak
  • Purchase electrolyte tablets/drops

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