An Introduction to Rest and Recovery Products and Services

Rest and Recovery is probably THE most underrated aspect of a runners training plan and healthy lifestyle. Please believe us REST and RECOVERY  is a non-negotiable if you want to feel energetic, injury free and always ready for you next training run or race. We’d like to share some of our favourite products and complementary services to help your regular recovery strategy.

EmYoga Wellness Products

We love the wellness products and jewellery by EmYoga

They are beautiful items lovingly produced to uplift and inspire your home environment, your yoga practice and your wellness routine.

The range includes:

  • Therapeutic candles 
  • Essential Oil rollers
  • Aura Sprays
  • Jewellery

The EmYoga Wellness range is always expanding and her jewellery reflects many of the things Em loves in life.

They make wonderful gifts or little personal treats!

All the products can be sent out via post in the UK and can be packaged as gifts with a small note.

Immerse yourself in the full range here 


We love the BetterYou range of magnesium products.

We wouldn’t want to be without our BetterYou rest and recovery products!

  • magnesium salts for post run baths
  • magnesium oil to spray on tired and tight muscles
  • magnesium lotion to keep our skin supple

Check out the full range here 


Would you like to move, perform and ultimately feel better?

We like meglio’s range of exercise equipment because it is portable and lightweight so you can use it anywhere.

Using their equipment could help runners get fitter, feel stronger and recover from injury more quickly. If you have a fitness goal in mind, you can trust meglio to support you every step of the way.

If you’d like to give meglio a try use our special discount code – RHH10. 

When added at checkout, this discount code will provide you and your friends and family with 10% off the entire meglio range

Check out the full range here