An Introduction to Protein Powders

You may benefit from a protein powder if you are a:

      • Runner who is vegetarian or vegan
      • Runner who is recovering from injury
      • Runner who is recovering from illness
      • Runner who wants to lose weight
      • Runner who is looking for a quick and easy pre or post-exercise snack
      • Mid-life or Older Runner who is focussed on preserving muscle and reducing age related muscle loss

A Protein Powder may be used strategically for runners as part of a healthy food plan.

When choosing a Protein Powder there are several things to consider including: quality, ingredients, effectiveness, taste…and of course price.

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The things we love about PURITION are that they use natural ingredients, there is a wide range of products tailored for different dietary requirements  and preferences (including a vegan range).

Look at the label you’ll find added nutrients over and above protein, so you’re getting added nutrient value. Purition Nutritional Contents Label

The flavours are fantastic and you can try individual sachets if you are a new customer.

British ultra runner, Kristian Morgan uses PURITION as vital part of his nutrition plan.

You can tell we love PURITION!

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