An Introduction to Nutritional Screening Tests

Nutritional Screening Tests may be used to gain more insight into your health status by

  • Evaluating how the physiology of your body is functioning
  • Assessing your nutritional status
  • Identifying factors contributing to health issues

Test results and analysis may assist in developing a more targeted approach to supporting your health.

A test may involve a blood, saliva, urine or stool sample.

Dependant on the style of test you may be able to collect the sample at home or you may be asked to attend a health clinic to provide samples.

Some tests will require interpretation by a qualified nutritionist.

If you would like advice on which nutritional test(s) would be most appropriate for you please BOOK A CALL with us, we are happy to advise.


Betteryou is one of our all time favourite suppliers especially for an at home VITAMIN D test, B12 Test or Iron (Ferritin) Test

Checking your nutrient levels is simple with at home mineral & vitamin test kits. For those concerned about their vitamin intake, health test kits are the perfect solution.

Betteryou have easy to use vitamin test kits using a small finger prick to collect a blood sample.

After sending your health test kit to the lab, your results will be processed within 2 days of the lab receiving them.


Medichecks offer a wide range of screening tests including home test kits and access to partner clinics nationwide for venous blood draws if appropriate. If you prefer you may arrange a nurse at home visit to take your sample.

The Medichecks process is simple:

  1. Order Your Test Online
  2. Collect Your Sample
  3. Post Your Sample
  4. Complete Your Profile
  5. Get Your Results

We love Medichecks as they make functional screening test affordable and easy to do.

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