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We often mention our favourite brands and products in our podcast and newsletter. We have great relationships with our suppliers and many have made special offers for you to try out their products and services.

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Our Favourite Supplements

At Runners Health Hub we advocate FOOD FIRST, however there are times when a supplement is required for ergogenic performance or for optimal nutrition, many of which we have discussed in our podcast She Runs Eats Performs.

Nutritional supplements can support an individual when they contain appropriate (and safe) levels of nutrients in a therapeutic dose and bio-effective form.

Is it safe to take supplements whilst I’m on medication?

Most supplements can safely be taken with most medications. However, some nutrients in supplements may interact with specific medications. To ensure that any supplements are safe for you we recommend you consult with your medical or nutritional practitioner when considering nutritional supplements.

Our Favourite Protein Powders

You may benefit from a protein powder if you are a:

      • Runner who is vegetarian or vegan
      • Runner who is recovering from injury
      • Runner who is recovering from illness
      • Runner who wants to lose weight
      • Runner who is looking for a quick and easy pre or post-exercise snack
      • Mid-life or Older Runner who is focussed on preserving muscle and reducing age related muscle loss

A Protein Powder may be used strategically for runners as part of a healthy food plan.

When choosing a Protein Powder there are several things to consider including: quality, ingredients, effectiveness, taste…and of course price. Listen to Episode 66 Protein Powders….Do Runners Need Them? to find out more.

Our Favourite Nutritional Screening Tests

Nutritional Screening Tests may be used to gain more insight into your health status by

  • Evaluating how the physiology of your body is functioning
  • Assessing your nutritional status
  • Identifying factors contributing to health issues

Test results and analysis may assist in developing a more targeted approach to supporting your health.

A test may involve a blood, saliva, urine or stool sample.

Dependant on the style of test you may be able to collect the sample at home or you may be asked to attend a health clinic to provide samples.

Some tests will require interpretation by a qualified nutritionist.

If you would like advice on which nutritional test(s) would be most appropriate for you please BOOK A CALL with us, we are happy to advise.

Our Favourite Food Brands

We are FOODIES! You’ll already know that we are pretty much obsessed with food – quality, variety, provenance, taste, ethically produced and environmentally safe!

Most of all we want to SHOUT from the rooftops about how to use food and nutrition in an easy and simple way.

Healthy food is  the most AMAZING tool to support you in being a Healthy Woman and Healthy Runner – our reason for being!

We get a BUZZ from discovering new brands and products which fit with our personal values and we can’t wait to share our long-time favourites as well as our new discoveries.

Our Favourite Rest and Recovery Products

Rest and Recovery is probably THE most underrated aspect of a runners training plan and healthy lifestyle. Please believe us REST and RECOVERY  is a non-negotiable if you want to feel energetic, injury free and always ready for you next training run or race. We’d like to share some of our favourite products and complementary services to help your regular recovery strategy.

Our Favourite Running KIT

Great running kit – clothes, shoes, accessories help us perform at our best and look and feel good too! Check out our favourite brands and their special offers for you!

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