Runners Personalised Nutritional Blueprint

July 22, 2021

Runners Personalised Nutrition Blueprint

Having a foundational everyday nutrition plan supports general good health and energy and to some degree will protect from ill health and developing chronic diseases.

However GOOD Health is not OPTIMAL health and doesn’t always deliver PEAK PERFORMANCE.

As nutritionists utilising the functional medicine, we consider every individual to be unique and recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You have individual requirements for nutrients based on your genetic make-up, your environment and your lifestyle. Equally important is to consider how your body systems are functioning to enable you to get the best from your food.

As part of our Healthy Woman Healthy Runner METHOD we use a Personalised Nutritional Blueprint as a point of reference document so our clients always know what, when and how much to eat for your personal health and running goals …. and it’s a document you can update every few months, so you are always adapting your blueprint to meet your current goals. In this episode we are sharing how we use this tool to support personalised nutrition plans.

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Runners Personalised Nutrition Blueprint


An overview of our Healthy Woman Healthy Runner METHOD

Our Healthy Woman Healthy Runner METHOD follows a step-by-step approach, basically we walk you through a process which helps you to:

· Set YOUR health and running goals

· Focus on YOUR optimal body composition and energy levels with foundational nutrition

· Reset and balance YOUR hormones

· Work out what YOU require for recovery and recharging energy

· Finally, we help you create an eating plan to support YOUR Running Results

· All the steps layer and complement each other to help you reach your Healthy Woman Healthy Runner goals

Foundational nutrition is key, the BLUEPRINT is a document which adapts broad concepts and advice to take account of an individual’s specific requirements to support their individual body composition goals, plus adding in therapeutic foods choices to support health conditions and injury healing or prevention, and also adapting macros and energy requirement for training, exercise and activity levels. All of which is to help shape up, balance female hormones, feel energetic and give you a nutrition edge for great running performance.


Key information required to create and design a personalised nutrition blueprint

· Current health status (including underlying health conditions or medical diagnosis),

· Body composition – is it healthy, is it supporting your running goals and life stage?

· What is their your stage – teenage, menstrual, peri menopuasal, menopausal, post menopausal?

· How are you feeling now? What would you like to change or improve?

· Do you have any current or past injuries?

· What is your current run training plan and other exercise plans.

· What do you have successfully in place from a nutrition and lifestyle point of view?

· Do you have any life challenges to consider?

· Health and running goals – what are you aspiring to achieve and enjoy?


Information recorded on a Healthy Woman Healthy Runner Nutrition Blueprint includes:

HOW MUCH TO EAT – foundations

· your MACRO requirements based on your body composition

· your ENERGY intake requirements (based on your body composition and activity levels – training days and rest days) calories/athlete plates/portion sizes

WHEN TO EAT – to support blood sugar balance (energy, stress and female hormones, body composition) and fuelling training

THERAPEUTIC FOODS for female health and other health conditions

SPORTS SPECIFIC FOOD requirements for your weekly run training plan.


Running for Results – We are thinking about PB? Distance? Speed? Endurance, Energy and Recovery

It’s time to optimise your running results using nutrition as your secret tool to give you the edge!

All the nutritional foundations are in place and it’s time to fine tune your food plan and add in sports specific nutrition for your current running plan or as you progress through to your next level training.

Specific Nutrition for your running goals and training plan will include:

· Macronutrient requirements for the training level you are working at it may be that on heavy training days we suggest you adjust your carbohydrate intake overall or just on specific training days

· We will adjust your ENERGY REQUIREMENTS (that means how much food you are required to eat- calories) based on your current body composition and current energy expenditure. Again, this may be overall or on specific training days

· We’ll suggest athlete plate balance specific to your training days alongside nutrient timing pre, during and post training and racing

· We coach clients through designing eating plans for the different types of training days they have

On the blueprint document we detail MACRO and ENERGY REQUIREMENTS for a REST DAY, an EASY TRAINING DAY, A MODERATE Training DAY and a HARD TRAINING DAY.


It’s important balance your energy intake with your energy output

Your macronutrient requirements are key for performance, body composition and recovery and injury prevention and healing – so getting it right for every phase of your training will give you an edge. ALSO Eating ENOUGH for your training is an art, a skill, and vital to fuel your training especially as your distances and endurance intensities increase.

Learning how to adapt your energy intake for different levels of training and racing will help you achieve optimal results and will also protect against RED-S Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. Having a Personalised Nutrition Blueprint will help you do all of this is a simple way.


Runners Personalised Nutrition Blueprint

1. Everyday Nutrition will promote good health, fuel easy training and may protect against developing ill health and chronic health disorders.

2. Personalised Nutrition promotes OPTIMAL health and underpins PEAK PERFORMANCE.

3. Designing your Personal Nutrition Blueprint will give you a POINT OF REFERENCE DOCUMENT so you’ll always know what, when and how much to eat for your personal health and running goals …

4. The key information recorded on Personal Nutrition Blueprint includes:

  • Health and Running Status and Health and Running Goals
  • HOW MUCH and WHEN to eat based on your body composition and energy requirements for everyday nutrition and easy training based on your body composition targets
  • Foods to support specific health goals
  • HOW MUCH to eat, WHAT to eat AND WHEN to eat to support specific running goals and training

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and advice only, and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.

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