Runners … Kickstart Healthy Eating

January 19, 2023

Runners … Kickstart Healthy Eating

To set yourself up for success, we take you through shaping up your mindset and environment before adding some simple food foundations, and it’s all about creating space for magic.

Over the years we’ve noticed lots of people embarking on REGIMES or CHALLENGES, only to give up a few days or weeks into the New Year.

For several years now, we’ve been advocating a GENTLE JANUARY, we believe it’s a time to nurture yourself, but it can also be a great time to start to get new habits and routines into place.

Perhaps using January as a stepping-stone to better health would be best at this time of year.

No one wants to feature in the New Year statistics of “tried but failed on the new year diet plan”.

The key is setting yourself up for success so you can turn your running and nutrition goals into a reality.

Today we are going to talk about:

1.    Setting a positive mindset to help you make a good start

2.    Creating the foundations for a healthy kitchen environment

3.    A few simple Habits which will underpin your healthy food plans for the year

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Runners … Kickstart Healthy Eating


Why are we talking about kickstarting healthy eating mid-January and not on New Year’s Day?


Mindset is the starting point with getting you on track, that goes along with setting an intention to help focus on the change that we want to make. Getting into a positive mindset usually means that you’re more likely to follow through with positive actions.


Thinking about the 3 words which you may use to describe how you want to feel this year with regards to your health, and what do you want to do or experience or be great at with your health this year. Doing this will help you get into the right mindset to approach kickstarting your healthy eating plan.


Decluttering and cleansing your mind of negative self-talk and reframing into positive phrases. it’s also important to consider our vision  … “in our wildest dreams how we will be – what will achieving our goals deliver and then we put together an action plan of mini steps, actions and milestones to help us reach our goal and vision. We know the saying “if you don’t have a dream … a dream can’t come true”. Embrace planning and preparation as well as taking a step by step approach. Move in the right direction, fast enough to get where you want to be, but slow enough to make changes that you are comfortable with and can maintain.


A common reason for not getting started on making changes.


How you may approach creating a healthy kitchen environment. Essentially, clear out the OLD and make space for the NEW, sometimes take a little courage and conviction. After the festive season, there can be leftovers in fridges, freezers, larders and it can feel tempting to eat and drink them all up before starting on a new healthy food plan.


We share some easy ways to make kitchen clearing happen!


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We talk about setting an intention to eat food which is nourishing and how to apply the 80:20 approach to your food plan.


3 things to help you get on track with your healthy food plan:

·      Establish a meal routine

·      Manage portion sizes and plate balance

·      Make sure you are well hydrated

All are simple concepts, but they are easily taken off track with extended holiday periods, just because we are out of our normal routines. Get all three right and you will create a good foundation for blood sugar balance and cravings for unhealthy foods will disappear and energy levels


Suggestions on spacing your meal timings and healthy portion control tips.


A reminder on how to easily optimise your everyday hydration.


Our Suggested Action after today’s episode.


Key Take Aways – see below


Runners … Kickstart Healthy Eating

There are 3 areas to consider when it comes to kickstarting your healthy eating plan – MINDSET, ENVIRONMENT and HABITS

MINDSET – our suggestions are to have a gentle January, think about how and what you’d like to FEEL, BE, DO in 2023 so you can create a health vision and intention to support your motivation around your running and nutrition goals and action plans. Be open to preparing and planning and taking a step by step approach to help you achieve all you desire. Drop any guilt around your past health and nutrition choices and make a START.

Consider how you can create a HEALTHY KITCHEN ENVIRONMENT by cleaning out your fridge/freezer and larder – it’ll help you create space for magic!

The first HABITS to establish or re-establish are having a regular meal routine, managing portion sizes and plate balance and optimising everyday hydration – this will support your blood sugar balance, helping to maintain energy levels, keep your mind clear, stop hunger pangs, and balance hormone levels … when you do that everything is possible as you’ll feel fabulous!

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