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She Runs Eats Performs – Female Runners Nutrition Podcast

Are you confused about the science around nutrition for runners?

Listen in to learn about the WHY, HOW, WHAT, and WHEN of eating to fuel your running performance.

In our female runners nutrition podcast, we help you translate sports nutritional science, into easy to apply tips and plans, helping you enjoy peak running performance. We focus on the FEMALE FACTORS every woman needs to know to be a healthy runner.

Nutrition Specific for Running Performance is our core topic, however central to performance is being a healthy runner and we truly believe that optimal female health at every life stage is vital. 

As well as being professionally qualified nutritionists we are foodies!

We love sharing easy, practical and delicious food ideas for you to enjoy as part of your

Don’t let nutrition be the limiting factor in your running performance!

“Motivational, inclusive, fun, friendly, supportive, reassuring, real” Kay

Female Runners Nutrition Podcast Coloured graphics showing healthy female runners.
Female Runners Nutrition Podcast Coloured graphics showing healthy female runners.
Female Runners Nutrition Podcast Coloured graphics showing healthy female runners.

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“Don’t let nutrition be the limiting factor in your running performance”

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Meet Aileen and Karen

Nutritionists, Educators, Podcasters, Runners and Friends

“We have a love of running and a passion for nutrition, delicious food and healthy living. 

She Runs Eats Performs for female runners of all abilities who are looking for simple ways to improve their running performance and their health with nutrition and lifestyle. 

We enjoy sharing our nutritional expertise, reviewing the latest sports science and most of all helping you to take easy action so you can enjoy your running life to the full”

Our Podcast and Collections

Choose a favourite topic from

She Runs Eats Performs COLLECTIONS

“Collections! What a great idea! The best thing that has happened to me in a while is finding you to listen to” Claire

FOCUS ON ... Everyday Food

Encouraging you to use everyday foods in your everyday and runners food plan to support your running performance and recovery.

Getting Nutrition Foundations in Place

Understanding and implementing everyday nutrition as a foundation plus fine tuning with sports nutrition.We share easy to prepare food and snack ideas to help you in the kitchen.

SPOTLIGHT ON.....Nutrients

Reviewing the science on specific nutrients related to endurance exercise and running e.g. magnesium, calcium, iron,.

Nutrition for Bone Health, Soft Tissue and Muscle

How to prevent and resolve injury with food, nutrients, training and rehabilitation. Also the importance of building musculoskeletal health throughout our lifetime.

FOOD FOR ... Running

For us, food is never just fuel. These episodes are dedicated to food and meal planning. We spotlight key foods to give you BIG results in your running performance.

Nutrition Specific for Running Performance

Running performance is our core subject, we discuss sports nutrition principles and strategies to improve running performance, recovery and to reduce the risk of injury and illness.

Running With Underlying Health Conditions

Having an underlying health condition does not need to impact on your running performance or goals. We focus nutrition so you may enjoy your running whilst managing your health condition.

Healthy Woman Healthy Runner

We spotlight key challenges female runners face as they approach midlife. It’s our mission to help women be in great shape, bypass mid-life health challenges and continue to enjoy their running.

Nutrition For Life Stage

Food and Nutrition to support midlife and beyond, to optimise your health and running performance.

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“I recently found your podcasts and love listening to them and learning all things nutrition on my walks and runs. Really interesting and lots to it” Karen

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