Nutrition to solve DOMS

July 16, 2020

Nutrition to Solve DOMS

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) can be debilitating for any runner. For some it can potentially mean time out of training or missing that big race.

In this episode we explain what DOMS is and who may be at risk of developing it. We also outline the key signs and symptoms to observe for and delve into the world of nutrition.

We explore how nutrition to solve DOMS could help reduce the risk of a runner developing DOMS and/or how it could support recovery from DOMS.

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DOMS – discovering what it is and who might suffer from it.


Delving into the key signs and symptoms of DOMS, which include tenderness and stiffness.


Discussing blood markers markers used to determine the degree of muscle damage from DOMS.


Outlining the Female Factors linked to DOMS. Are women more susceptible?


Discovering how nutrition may help reduce the risk of DOMS and/or support recovery from it.


Thinking about additional approaches to support recovery from DOMS e.g. sports massage, cold/hot compress.


A Female Factor worth mentioning is that it has been found that women runners are more prone to knee injury, upon fatigue of the quadriceps muscles (the thigh muscles or “big drivers” as some would call them!!).

Also apparently females are more susceptible to other other lower limb injuries… ladies, bear this in mind and build up slowly, especially if changing from one style of running to another eg. road running to trail running OR changing up distances.


  • DOMS can happen to anyone, but women may be more susceptible
  • Be mindful of DOMS when adjusting training up or changing running style eg. from road to trail
  • Build up training slowly to try and avoid/reduce risk/severity of DOMS, especially if you are new to running
  • If DOMS symptoms are severe STOP training for a period if time – it will be worth it in the long term
  • Consider your diet – is it anti-inflammatory or could it be a risk factor for DOMS? Listen to Episode 14 – Endurance Running and the Immune System for some great food ideas
  • Remember there are other complementary approaches to consider to help speed up recovery e.g. hot/cold compress, massage and essential oils

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