My Journey To…Recovery Foundations

September 7, 2023

My Journey To…Recovery Foundations

This is the second episode in our “My Journey To….” series where we are chatting about Karen’s Journey to Recovery from Injuries. In this episode she updates us on her progress with an emphasis on her current:

  • Treatment Plan
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Training Plan

The BIG question is… she back running?? Listen in to find out more!

We hope that by sharing Karen’s journey, if you ever have to face a similar dilemma you’ll be able to tap into our advice to help your recovery

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My Journey To…..Recovery Foundations


A recap on the injuries Karen is recovering from before moving on to discuss her current treatment plan. The two injuries are:

  1. A chronic hamstring tendinopathy, which has been an issue for approximately two to three years. Karen did not address this concern at the time, which has led to it becoming chronic
  2. An acute big toe injury. This injury occurred in the late stages of a 20 mile and very hilly trail event. It was the catalyst to Karen finally seeking support and treatment for the chronic injury as well this acute one

Big toe injury diagnosis and treatment:

An acute arthritic flare-up was diagnosed and the treatment plan includes: shockwave therapy and targeted exercises including: heel raises and “toes on fire”, which is a very uncomfortable yoga pose, but effective!


An update on the hamstring tendonopathy treatment:

Several new targeted exercises hare been prescribed including: reverse leg curl, single leg glute bridge and single leg glute kick back using an ankle band for resistance

Another session of shockwave therapy – this therapy is the same one that is used to break down kidney stones. For tendon conditions the aim is for this therapy to bring high doses of energy to painful areas to trigger healing and regeneration

Heat therapy for 20mins twice daily is an additional treatment recommended


An update on Karen’s current nutrition plan including:

Reducing coffee intake – to reduce inflammatory load

Being mindful of portion sizes at mealtimes – to manage body composition and carbohydrate intake

Changing up breakfast – to make it more protein rich to support repair and healing

Time restricted eating (TRE) – to manage body composition and manage appetite

Exercising BEFORE breakfast – to support TRE and to manage appetite and blood sugar balance


The big question answered…… is, Karen back running? YES or NO!! before moving on to discuss Karen’s current nutritional supplement plan including:

An exploration of the ones she is currently taking

Has she experienced any side effects from taking them?

Has she made any adjustments to her intake?

Has she removed or included any new supplements and if so…WHY??


Looking at how Karen is dealing emotionally with her current journey to recovery from injury with an emphasis on FOUR key words she would use to describe how she is feeling. The four words being:

Anxious – about losing running form and muscle mass

Disappointed – that running distances is limited, about arthritis diagnosis and Garmin watching stating she is “DETRAINING”!

Happy – that she is running again….even though distances are short

Positive – that she will make a full recovery


Outlining topics/updates to discussed on the next episode including:

  • Shockwave therapy – any changes in severity of discomfort
  • Toe injury – is it continuing to improve…how far can Karen run pain free
  • Training – Is running now up to 1hr…or maybe beyond?
  • Physio exercises – self-discipline and CONSISTENCY in doing them
  • Nutrition – TRE – Has Karen managed to move from 12:12 to 14:10. And changes to breakfast
  • Supplements – any change?  Is Karen continuing to take them consistently!!
  • Emotions – more positive than negative?

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and advice only, and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.

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