London Marathon Milestones: In the Beginning…

June 2, 2022

London Marathon Milestones: In the Beginning…

Are you about to embark on your training for the London Marathon on 2nd October?  Have you ever considered how the food you eat could impact on your running performance throughout your training????

Well, Over the next sixteen weeks we will be hosting five Podcast episodes to get you “Marathon Ready”. Whether this is your first marathon or your tenth….we are going to journey through your training with you giving you advice at various stages regarding food and nutrition intake so you are “fit and fuelled” appropriately on race day!!

This is the first of our marathon milestone episodes….so…the beginning of the journey….

We will:

  1. Give an overview of typical running distances at this stage and in the coming few weeks
  2. Give some background to why eating for training is important…even at this early stage
  3. Give some tips on how to put the theory into practice

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London Marathon Milestones: In the Beginning….


Outlining the various types of Marathon Training Plans available online and discussing how to decide which one may be the best one for YOUR marathon training.


Considering how a novice runner’s training plan may look as they begin their 16 weeks of run training for the London Marathon whilst highlighting the importance of strength training, stretching, and yoga and Pilates.


Focussing on the importance of food and nutrition for running performance before delving deeper into the area of “Everyday Healthy Eating” as the foundation on which to build more targeted nutrition for running a marathon. The three areas discussed are:

  • Food quality
  • Plate balance
  • Timing of meals and snacks


Delving into Food Quality


Moving on to discuss Plate Balance


Explaining Timing of Meals and Snacks and its link to blood sugar balance (BSB)


Some TIPS on how to put the nutritional principles into action to support marathon training including:

  • Foods to eat to achieve plate balance
  • Easy and practical solutions to help “make change happen”
  • Pre-planning meals and run training to support performance

Finishing with an Action Point to help get you started


London Marathon Milestones: In the Beginning…..

  1. There are many different marathon training plans available online, so be discerning and choose one that best suits your running abilities and time available to train
  2. Don’t forget to introduce other activities that may also support your running performance including: Pilates, strength training and stretching
  3. Remember that your nutrition for training is as important as the training plan itself
  4. A foundational everyday healthy eating plan is the bedrock on which to build nutrition specific for running performance
  5. There is no need to increase your overall energy intake at this point in your training, just ensure the food choices you make are healthy and are ones that will support your overall health and run training
  6. BUT…there may be occasions when you require a snack between meals. Remember to make healthy snack choices

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and advice only, and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.

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