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September 8, 2022


This is the second episode of our Listeners Nutrition Clinic where we answer questions we have received from YOU, our listeners and followers.

These are questions linked to YOUR nutrition for your running, performance and personal goals….so, if you have any questions you would like us to answer/discuss in this space then do get in touch with us at

We host this Listeners Nutrition Clinic periodically, and we choose 3 questions we have received from our listeners to discuss giving some TIPS that will hopefully support the individual posing the question…but also give you all some food for thought.

In this episode we answer:

Q1. Anne has asked How does glutamine help with recovery after training? What does it do and is glutamine appropriate for recovery and or to help leaky gut?

Q2. Claire asks “am I doing too much training and what is too much?

Q3. Jane asks for Tips on supporting breathlessness following a Covid Infection – something that seems to affect many runners.

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What is Glutamine and food sources of this conditionally essential amino acid


The role glutamine has in biological functions and in sports nutrition.


Is glutamine supplementation appropriate for supporting recovery and how can it support digestive health? Plus other key nutrients to consider for gut healing including Vitamin D, Zinc, Vit A, polyphenols and many more …..


A cautionary word about when it is not appropriate to use l-glutamine as a supplement i.e. when taking anti-convulsant drugs or when a cancer patient.


Claire asks “am I doing too much training and what is too much? Claire is in the latter stages of marathon training.


Karen gives insights into the importance of including a rest day in your training plan.


Tapering strategies to support a runner in the lead up to a race.


Why a strict 3 week tapering phase is best practice and a reminder to pay attention to fueling your energy requirements during training, it’s so important to adjust and increase your food intake in line with the amount of training that you are doing.

Find more Marathon training tips … London Marathon Milestones Series Collections 


Jane asks for Tips on supporting breathlessness following a Covid Infection. This is a common experience – other listeners and FB Group members have told us they are finding it difficult to be anywhere near the run fitness they had pre covid. Breathing is difficult and therefore pace has dropped.


A personaliSed nutrition approach to analysing the imbalances related to long-covid symptoms.


Underlying reasons which may be contributing to breathlessness. How a deficiency in vitamin K may be implicated.


Utilising mycotherapy as a nutritional intervention to support respiratory health.


How the English National Opera Breathe programme has shown improvements in the reduction and breathlessness in running in post-covid study participants.

An online breathing and wellbeing programme (ENO Breathe) for people with persistent symptoms following COVID-19: a parallel-group, single-blind, randomised controlled trial


Some simple tips to consider when resuming training after illness.


Personalised Nutrition

Remember that we are all INDIVIDUALS…..the recommendations suggested today may not be suitable for EVERYONE. If you feel you require a more personalised approach to nutrition for your running then do get in touch with us to discuss how we could work with you. You can book a FREE introductory call with us via our website

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