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Runners Health Hub – Free Healthy Food for Runners Guide

Healthy Snacks for Runners. Nutrition secrets to help you get to the finish line feeling fitter, faster and stronger.

Sustain performance, improve recovery and help prevent injury

What YOU get from the Free Healthy Food for Runners Guide

1. Choose the Right Foods
2. Master Nutrient Timing
3. Delicious Easy Snacks
4. Preserve Energy
5. Recover Quickly
6. Ready for your next RUN

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Free Healthy Food for Runners Guide

Download our fabulous freebie, our free guide is full of nutrition secrets to help you get to the finish line feeling fitter, faster and stronger..

Presented by Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell – Nutritionists, Friends and Runners

Find out more about Runners Health Hub or how you can work with us.

Runners Health Hub specialises in supporting runners like you…

a recreational or club level runner or maybe you are a weekend warrior. Whatever your level, we at Runners Health Hub are here to help.

We began our journey to optimal health and peak running performance several years ago when we studied together at the world renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London.

Our combined experience as Nutritionists and Runners led us to create Runners Health Hub and She Runs Eats Performs Podcast, helping runners around the world put easy sports nutrition into action.

Runners Health Hub is a place for like-minded runners who are looking for simple nutritional ways to support running performance, energy, endurance, and general great health – we are excited to be able to share our expertise, experience and top tips with you.

Karen is an endurance runner, having achieved 17 European marathons and 5 Ultras to date. As a professional nutritionist Karen specialises in Personalised Nutrition for Endurance Runners ranging from beginners to competitive endurance runners as well as elite and professional runners.

Aileen is a recreational runner focussing on 10 k to 1/2 marathon and has 11 Great North Runs under her belt. As a professional nutritionist Aileen specialises in the management of Energy, Stress and Weight. Aileen also delivers corporate wellbeing programmes for the workplace.

Both Karen and Aileen are BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapists.

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