Great North Run Milestones: Practice Fuelling

July 7, 2022

Great North Run Milestones: Practice Fuelling

This is our third episode on our Great North Run Nutrition Milestone Series in this episode we’ll be following our usual format building upon advice from earlier episodes

  • Run Training Milestones – suggestions on where you should be in your run training to keep you on track
  • Nutrition Milestones – we’ll talk about how to start practicing during and post fuelling for training runs (and we’ll have a reminder about hydration and electrolytes)
  • Rest and Recovery Rituals – we are going to talk about sleep
  • Injury Healing and Recovery Tips – today our focus is on soft tissue injuries
  • Mind Set MOJO – building mental resilience to help you cope with the tough spots during training and the race
  • We’ll round up with some GNR fun and factoids

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Great North Run Milestones: Practice Fuelling


RUN TRAINING MILESTONES: Some suggestions on where you should be on your run training plan and the benefits of adding in some 10k races to your calendar plus the challenges you may face at this point in your training.


NUTRITION MILESTONES: Why we need to fuel during an endurance run, some foods to consider and how often to eat during an endurance run.


The importance and benefits of practicing eating/fuelling during training runs plus some practice tips.


Why we suggest real foods for during run fuelling rather than gels?


Our top 2 Post Run Fuelling tips.


Hydration and Electrolytes


REST AND RECOVERY RITUALS: the performance triangle and how good quality sleep is as vital training and nutrition to optimal running performance.


INJURY HEALING AND RECOVERY TIPS: Nutritional support for soft tissue injuries and the 3 phases of healing involved.


MNDEST MOJO: How to support your mindset when things don’t go to plan like when an injury or any life event gets in the way of your training and ultimately your running goal ….


GREAT NORTH RUN FUN AND FACTOIDS: recollections of famous athletes and celebrities who are in the Great North Run Hall of Fame.


Great North Run Milestones: Practice Fuelling

  1. RUN TRAINING – we are 9 weeks away from race day, your run distances and durations should be increasing week on week and by the time we get together in 4 weeks ideally you’ll be running an 18k long run once a week.
  2. NUTRITION MILESTONES – now is the time to start practicing eating during and post run training.
  • Eat Quick Release Carbohydrates during run training session, build up gradually to between 30 and 60g of CHO per hour.
  • Post Run have a Quick Release CHO food within 30 minutes of completing your run
  • Have a snack or meal combination of complex carbohydrates and protein within 2 hours of the end of your run training at the ratio of 4:1 CHO:PRO
  1. Remember to adapt/adjust your hydration intake in relationship to the weather and your sweat rate.
  2. Sleep is a vital part of rest and recovery. Sleep deprivation may affect running performance. Remember to give equal priority to all 3 aspects of the Performance triangle – that is Training – Nutrition – Rest (including sleep).
  3. If you experience any type of Soft Tissue Injury – please consult with your physio or sports therapist and remember you may support healing and recovery with specific nutrients used therapeutically.

We hope that’s been a helpful episode today, next time we’ll be talking about Fine tuning your Nutrition and Lifestyle in the lead up to RACE DAY. That’ll be Episode 107 on 4th August– 5 weeks until race day! Until then enjoy your running!

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