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Healthy Easy to Make Soups
For Pre and Post Fuelling

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Soups may not be the first thought when it comes to choosing a pre or post running snack or meal, however …

SOUPS can be designed for pre and post fuelling, for meal replacements and to support recovery from injury.

We think soups are a good addition to your runner’s food plan so long as they are:

Nutrient dense and made of natural ingredients

Follow healthy plate balance concepts in line with your training strategy

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What YOU get from the E BOOK

10 Easy to make Healthy Soup Recipes

TIPS on how to make a POT LUCK Soup

How to make the most of simple everyday kitchen tools

Cook with everyday ingredients

How to get plate balance in a bowl!

Nutritional information on Soup Ingredients

Choose a soup matched to your nutrition goals

Tasty Soups for Runners


Making a soup can be a time saver if prepared in advance and may be used as a meal replacement, or as an addition to a meal or as a snack. Soups are great to take to work or travel with if you prepared in advance. You may use a flask or reheat if you have access to a kitchen.


To make a healthy homemade soup all you need is a pan and perhaps a blender and some everyday ingredients from your store cupboard and freezer.


You may experiment with recipes and create your own favourite GO TO SOUP recipes and remember to taste test and adjust to get it right for you. You may also like to make a POTLUCK soup to use up left over vegetables.


Soups are easy to make, they make nutritious light meals or between meal snacks and help you use up leftovers.

Other benefits to runners of eating soups are:

  • A way of fuelling pre and post run training especially in colder weather
  • Can be used to help you meet your energy/nutrition targets
  • Easy to digest
  • If you add protein they can help with muscle building
  • Using the right ingredients can be supportive to health conditions and healing injuries

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Our FREE TOP 10 Soups for Runners EBOOK includes:

10 Recipes

10 Nutritional Ingredient Sheets

Tips on how to make an easy healthy soup

Making a POTLUCK soup using leftovers

Ideas on how to add a soup for pre and post fuelling for endurance runners

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