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Free TOP Running Snacks and Nutrient Timing EBook

If you are stuck for ideas on what foods to eat pre, during and post running, our Free Runners Nutrition Guide gives you easy to make and eat real food suggestions, to support you with

  • Preservation of stored glucose (glycogen) – in liver and muscles
  • Prevent using protein for energy
  • Sustain performance.
  • Provide sufficient energy (Kcal) for specific training
  • Support recovery and repair
  • Pre, during and post training fuelling
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FREE 5 STEPS Food Planning for Runners E Book

Our easy food planning system includes:

  • STEP 1 Discover your FOODIE planning personal

  • STEP 2 Make Healthy Choices

  • STEP 3 Make a Plan

  • STEP 4 Be prepared

  • STEP 5 Commit to action

Our FREE E BOOK includes Foodie Planning Personality QUIZ, 2-day running and menu planner, shopping list template and healthy store cupboard essentials list. All to help you make food planning for runners super easy and quick to action.

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