Finding Time for Food Planning for Runners (Part 1)

April 7, 2022

Food Planning for Runners

“Food planning” seems to be the stumbling block or barrier to having a successful runners nutrition plan”. It’s something that we recognised quite a while ago and we’ve run workshops and online challenges helping “super busy female runners find time to have a healthy runners food plan”.

We’ve always had great feedback from women taking part in the training and we had an idea that perhaps we could share this information on the podcast and help more runners.

We know how you feel about the frustration at never having enough time to shop for and prepare easy, healthy meals and snacks to fuel YOUR RUNNING. (it’s been a challenge for us too) …

Having lots to do is REAL LIFE – we all are super busy and have lots of responsibilities BUT if we don’t find time to have a healthy food plan everything suffers – ENERGY, BODY COMPOSITION, IMMUNE HEALTH (really crucial for post COVID protection), HORMONE HEALTH (key for women), MENTAL HEATH (we need a healthy food plan to promote our mood and mindset) so that’s why we really focus on helping women find space and time to make planning HAPPEN as easily as possible.

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Food Planning for Runners


The background to Food Planning for Runners and how to download our accompanying ebook.


STEP 1 Discover your FOODIE PLANNING PERSONALITY – a bit of fun to give you insights into how you approach your food planning or not! Alongside some tips to help you.




STEP 2 MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES. This step is all about coming up with a simple list of meal choices. The reason for a list is once you’ve done “the thinking” all you have to do is choose! Later , you can update your list anytime.


Reflect on your personality type and how you approach your food planning or not … you can ask yourself …

  • How much time do you currently set aside for food preparation and cooking?
  • Also, which foods do you currently eat that you would like to change to more healthy options?
  • Think about HOW you currently eat. Is it leaving you energised or exhausted?
  • HOW could you change your meal ideas to ensure that eating leaves you feeling satiated and healthy?


Where to get inspiration from when choosing meals.



Choose 2 days to put your menu plan into action and then choosing meal choices from your list. DON’T OVERTHINK IT just do it. Planning can be difficult for some people so, don’t overthink it – just do it – it’s a 2-minute job to choose the 2 days and then maybe 5 minutes to pick the meal choices from your list


Food Planning for Runners

Our Vision for the 5-STEPS is that once you’ve practiced them, you’ll be able to seamlessly and easily do the 5 STEPS. You’ll have cut out any resistance and procrastination around healthy food planning and have found time to plan, so that is no longer a reason or excuse for you not to have a runners nutrition plan.

Having a healthy food plan in place promotes

  • IMMUNE HEALTH (crucial post covid)
  • HORMONE HEALTH (key for women)
  • MENTAL HEATH (we need a healthy food plan to promote our mood and mindset)

We want you to prioritise your runners food plan so that it is as important and easy as putting on your running shoes.

Finally, please download your ebook – click here

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