Download your Free Female Runner Nutrition Guide!

TOP Running Snacks and Nutrient Timing to Fuel Peak Performance with our Female Runner Nutrition Guide!

Get Your Free Female Runner Nutrition Guide

Exclusive FREE Female Runner Nutrition Guide Download

TOP Running Snacks and Nutrient Timing to Fuel Peak Performance
For female runners of ALL abilities!

Download our fabulous freebie, full of nutrition secrets to help you get to the finish line feeling fitter, faster and stronger.

Download the Free Female Runner Nutrition Guide Now

Feeling Frustrated?

Attaining Peak Running Performance can sometimes feel elusive

Do you ever ask yourself …

“Am I good enough or can I be better?

“Can my running improve?

“Will I ever get there?

Well, YES YOU CAN get there!

All you need is some nutritional (and lifestyle) guidance

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Meet Aileen and Karen

Nutritionists, Educators, Podcasters, Runners and Friends

We are busy working women, who run for health, fitness, achievement, and fun. Even as Nutritional Therapists, we have had our own personal “running performance” struggles.  That’s why we came together to combine our nutritional expertise and running experiences to support runners like you …. a recreational or club runner or a weekend warrior … 

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 Free Runners Nutrition Guide. Mobile phone showing free nutrition guide for runners.

Aileen and Karen designed the Free Female Runner Nutrition Guide considering the principles of nutrient timing for endurance runs (2hrs +)
to include:

  • Preservation of stored glucose (glycogen) – in liver and muscles
  • Prevent using protein for energy
  • Sustain performance.
  • Provide sufficient energy (Kcal) for specific training
  • Support recovery and repair
  • Pre, during and post training fuelling

When you are thinking about nutrient timing, consider your individual lifestyle, running goals, age, and digestive symptoms/conditions.

Get Your Free Female Runner Nutrition Guide

In our Free Runners Nutrition Guide you’ll find Nutrition Tips for Pre-Training:

A run up to 90mins at easy/steady pace could be completed in the fasted state.

If you are planning to run in excess of 90 minutes then consider eating approx.1-2hrs before the run to encourage the body to utilise fat as fuel.

If you are eating less than 1hr before starting your run have a quick release Carbohydrate (CHO) food to ensure speedy digestion/absorption.

In our Free Runners Nutrition Guide you’ll also find Nutrition Tips for During Training and Post Training. If you are stuck for ideas on what foods to eat pre, during and post running, our Free Runners Nutrition Guide gives you easy to make and eat real food suggestions.

Get Your Free Runners Nutrition Guide

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