Feel Menopause Review

December 7, 2022

FEEL Menopause

Nutritional Supplement for Menopause

FEEL Menopause for Runners

Menopausal symptoms can get in the way of female running performance. We would like to share our insights and recommendations for a nutritional supplement we have used ourselves. In this article we will focus on….

  • Typical menopausal symptoms midlife female runners experience
  • How these supplements could support a runner

  • Why Runners Health Hub recommends Feel Menopause

FEEL Menopause for Midlife Female Runners

FEEL Menopause nutritional supplements
Typical menopausal symptoms and how they impact on your running performance

FEEL Menopause is a nutritional supplement by WeAreFeel helping support women going through peri menopause, menopause and post menopause phases of life.

Being physically active and eating a healthy diet play a big part in being healthy during the menopause transition, however at times, nutritional supplementation may be required to support symptoms.

For example:

  • Hot Flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Irritability

Can you associate with any of the symptoms mentioned above?

Often symptoms affect quality of sleep, low energy and motivation both of which can lead to poor running performance.

Have you noticed that your running performance has been affected? Or you’ve lost your running MOJO?

Optimising your nutritional status may be a way of supporting your health and your running performance.

How Feel Menopause supplement may support a runner

Find out why Karen takes FEEL Menopause

I am a midlife vegetarian female runner and I have experienced many of the symptoms mentioned above.

I am always looking for natural ways to support my menopause transition.

I was delighted to discover FEEL Menopause, designed by FEEL and Nicki Williams who is a nutritionist specialising in menopause solutions.

The added bonus is that Aileen and I studied with Nicki, so we know she is top of her game and we trust her with our health and yours!

So, I’ve introduced FEEL MENOPAUSE nutritional supplement into my daily health plan to support me in alleviating and minimising the typical menopausal symptoms which disrupt my daily life and my running.

I took the recommended 2 x capsules of FEEL Menopause daily for three months and the benefits I felt were remarkable.

NOW I can focus on my run training instead of being concerned about my menopause!

FEEL Menopause Nutritional Supplements

Are you are like me and many other midlife female runners?

Do you FEEL you need some extra menopausal nutritional support?

Don’t resign yourself to feeling and running under par.

Why not try FEEL MENOPAUSE at WeAreFeel. They are offering you 20% 0ff your first month of any FEEL subscription products (excluding bundles) using the code: PARTNER20

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Feel Menopause for Runners.

Why Runners Health Hub recommends Feel Menopause supplement

Feel Menopause is a product we recommend.

Why do we recommend it?

FEEL Menopause is our nutritional supplement of choice because their ethics align with our principles. WeAreFeel products are natural, non-GMO and are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They do not contain any fillers, bulking agents or colourants…just natural and healing nutrients.

FEEL Menopause includes a combination of B Vitamins and botanicals (such as red clover, sage leaf and gingseng).

The formulation is designed to regulate the production of hormones, alleviate tiredness and fatigue, as well as supporting cognition, mental performance, and a clear mind.

We love that FEEL are offering FEEL Menopause as natural alternative to HRT when supporting menopausal symptoms.

Important: If you are taking HRT, please consult with your doctor before using, due to the red clover content.

Why not try it for yourself and get 20% discount off your first month’s subscription of FEEL Menopause or any other of their products (excluding bundles) using the code: PARTNER20

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