Easy Nutrition For
Healthy Runners

Easy Nutrition For
Healthy Runners

Be the BEST Runner You Can Be

Would you love to be fitter faster and injury free?

Are you struggling to reach your performance goals?

Is Nutrition the Limiting Factor in Your Running Performance leading to niggling health issues, poor performance and frustration?

Or are you already performing well and are looking for the EDGE?

Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners can help YOU to:

  • Enhance Endurance, Energy and Recovery

  • Reach and Maintain Peak Performance

  • Support your Long-Term Health

  • Be the BEST RUNNER you can be

Designed by Nutritionists and Runners, Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell, Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners includes short informative videos with easy action steps and downloadable recipes, example meal plans with athlete food plates, food lists and templates. 

Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners is for Runners of all abilities from 5k Park Runners, to Half and Marathon distance and beyond. 

Helping you to:

  • Adapt food/energy intake for your distance for optimal energy and body composition

  • Fuel correctly for training and recovery so you’re ready for your next training session
  • Have a healthy food plan even if you are short of time
  • Enjoy simple ideas and recipes for meals and snacks spending less time in the kitchen so you can have more time to train
  • Support your ideal healthy body composition so you may feel light on your feet and great in your running clothes
  • Feel energised for your daily life and your running – have Energy for Everything

Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners is designed with the BUSY RUNNER in mind, helping you put into action some simple, easy to apply tips and healthy food suggestions for everyday health and sports nutrition.

We are just like you, busy working women, who run for health, fitness, achievement, fun and we enjoy being part of the running community. Over the years we have had our own personal “running performance” struggles. 

However, we resolved those struggles with a foundational everyday healthy eating plan, which we’ve fine-tuned with sports nutritional principles to maximise running performance and to minimise injury.

Our personal experience and professional nutritional expertise led us to design Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners, we truly believe that nutrition may be the Limiting Factor in Your Running Performance.

Karen’s Story

I was finding my running performance was becoming slower and slower!

I was putting in the training and running distances, but my timings were not improving and my marathon PB was becoming a distant memory.

I was feeling tired all the time, I was beginning to experience running “niggles” but yet there was nothing REALLY wrong with me.

Aileen’s Story

I couldn’t work out WHY I never had enough energy to do my RUN training.

Despite following a healthy food plan, doing gym sessions, cutting back on alcohol and getting lots of sleep …  poor results!

I remember one day fighting back the tears, because I had to give up half-way through a scheduled training run because my legs felt heavy, and I just didn’t have enough energy in my tank to get home.

We created Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners as we see a lot of injured and unhealthy runners in our clinics, who are frustrated with their lack of performance progression.

We have found that making some simple and practical changes to their nutrition and lifestyle choices has allowed them to flourish and enjoy running again.

We will help YOU put Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners into action to be a healthy runner who:

  • Is Always Energetic

  • Has Optimal Body Composition

  • Maintains Peak Performance

  • Makes Continual Progression

  • Is Fitter, Faster, Stronger

  • Injury free and Speedy Recovery

Our successful formula for this programme includes:

  • 15 VIDEOS – short and informative (approx. 15 minutes)

  • Easy to implement ACTION STEPS

  • Helpful Menu and Training Planners

  • Runners Recipes

  • Example Meal Plans and Case Studies

  • Athletes Food Plates – for 4 levels of endurance running (making it easy for you to adjust macronutrients and portions to match your energy requirements)

  • Membership of our Private Face Book Group

  • Invitations to Free LIVE online trainings and Q&A sessions

  • Access to nutritional expertise with Aileen and Karen without having to invest in a 1:1 consultation

  • Hotmart Sparkle APP – so you can watch/listen from any location

Programme Content

A Warm Welcome and Programme Pre-assessment and Goal Setting to help you get prepared.

Learning the Fundamentals of Everyday Nutrition. These are the foundational pieces that we’d like you to check you are already doing and if not start adding them in over the course of the programme.

 The Principles of Sports Nutrition and the performance triangle (nutrition, performance and rest) and how both fit alongside everyday nutrition.

Insights into the Importance of Blood Sugar Balance, to promote energy and body composition – both essential for a runner.

An Introduction to FIVE Healthy Routines – FIVE easy steps you can make to ensure that you have great health going forward

Food For Performance – focussing on macronutrients and how they will help your sports performance and athlete food plates so you can adapt portion sizes and macro ratios to suit your training and racing.

Practical Tips for Food Planning and Preparation – to support your running goals so you may spend more time enjoying your running and less time in the kitchen.

Planning Your Training – thinking about what your training is and planning your nutrition to support your run training.

MODULE 8 (a) and (b) : Nutrition for Your Training (example food plans for 4 levels of runners) – You’ll be able to take some of our suggestions and add to your plan.

Module 9: Easy to Prepare Food for Runners – Practical ideas for meals and running snacks for busy, active runners who may be short of time.

MODULE 10(a): Fuelling Pre/During Training​​ with a focus on – carbohydrates as this is one of the limiting factors in performance in sports performance

MODULE 10 (b): Hydration Pre and During Training –  an under rated topic! Why it’s important to hydrate and what will keep you safe while you’re running.

Hydration in Action – what to consider for different levels of endurance running.

Post Training Nutrition – crucial “nutrition” actions to help you with your recovery.

Digestive Issues and Runners – underlying reasons why you might be experiencing digestive distress and some ideas to manage these symptoms.

Until NEXT Time – we review and help you keep a great runners nutrition plan in place.

RESOURCES/HANDOUTS/Templates – downloadable all in one place for YOU our final module for easy access. We’ve included everything we use ourselves to help you put Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners into practice.

Complete the Programme at your Pace

You may work through the programme as many times as you like, or dip in and out of modules, to help refresh your healthy running food plan and maximise your run performance.

It’s More than a Recorded Programme

  • If you find yourself needing an answer to a question or a tip for your food plan Aileen and Karen are on hand to help.

  • Send an email or join us on our LIVE Q&A’s so you may get “personalised input” for your running nutrition plan.

  • Get access to nutritional expertise from Aileen and Karen without having to invest in a 1:1 consultation.

Nutritionists, Educators, Podcasters, Runners and Friends

We specialise in supporting runners like you … a recreational or club level runner. Whatever your running goals are … we’re here to help.

We studied together at the world-renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, and both have a love of running and a passion for nutrition, delicious food and healthy living.

Our combined experience as Nutritionists and Runners led us to create Runners Health Hub and She Runs Eats Performs Podcast, helping runners around the world put easy sports nutrition into action.

Meet Karen Campbell

Karen is an endurance runner, having achieved 17 European marathons and 5 Ultras to date. As a professional nutritionist Karen specialises in Personalised Nutrition for Endurance Runners ranging from beginners to competitive endurance runners as well as elite and professional runners.

“I love to see runners reaching their full performance potential through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes” Karen

Meet Aileen Smith

Aileen is a recreational runner focussing on 10 k to 1/2 marathon and has 11 Great North Runs under her belt. As a professional nutritionist Aileen specialises in the management of Energy, Stress and Weight. Aileen also delivers corporate wellbeing programmes for the workplace.

“I love to help runners find easy ways to enjoy healthy high-performance food and fit it into their lifestyle” Aileen

Both Karen and Aileen are BANT Registered Nutritional Therapists.

We have been running this programme for over 18 months and have received great feedback and we think you’d enjoy it to help you be

“Great resources designed to help runnners at all levels

The best parts in my view were the Live Q&A sessions

Even if you think you’ve got it nailed….

I would very much recommend this programme to help cement the habits needed as a runner.”


“Would recommend to any runners who want to have the edge!

Thank you Aileen and Karen for your outstanding knowledge and clear opinions and recommendations!”



Don’t let nutrition be your “limiting factor”


Performance, Energy, Recovery and Enjoyment!

One Time Payment

£297One Time Payment


££1562 Months


££1073 Months


I am really interested in this programme BUT, it sounds really detailed. How do I fit it into an already busy life?2023-01-17T16:57:33+00:00

When we designed Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners, we had the busy runner in mind, that is why it is a step-by-step approach. It is possible to complete the programme in 14 days. However, many clients complete the programme over a longer period. At the end of each video we suggest a simple action step to take before moving on to the next video. So, you may take time to incorporate the simple changes into your busy daily life. Each step will build on the previous one to keep it manageable for you.

I find it difficult to remain consistent in making changes that is why I shy away from programmes. How would your one be any different?2023-01-17T16:58:18+00:00

Yes, there are many programmes out there to download and work through on your own, some of which are very good, but we realise that some runners need more. They need the contact, interaction and accountability to stay on track. With the Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners we will be there to support you and encourage you via our private Facebook Group. We also host regular FB Live sessions, free small group training sessions and LIVE Q&A’s to help keep you engaged. You can always contact us directly too via posting in the FB Group or direct message us via email or social media. You will never feel that you are “on your own”.

I can’t afford the full price for this programme – can I pay in instalments?2023-01-17T16:59:24+00:00

Yes, to help make the programme affordable, we have a 2 and 3-payment option on the checkout cart.

Is this programme suitable for a Vegetarian or Vegan?2021-08-13T17:38:38+00:00

Yes, you may follow any food plan, we teach you about the foundational nutritional pieces to support your running nutrition plan. Karen follows a vegetarian food plan, so we personally and professionally are aware of your requirements.

Do I have to follow a specific food plan on the programme, or may I choose my own foods?2021-08-13T17:39:26+00:00

We give you lots of suggestions of healthy foods, menu ideas and our favourite recipes, however it is our aim to educate you about making the best food choices for you to suit your budget and your tastes. If you have any questions during the programme you may post them in our face book group or email us or message us and we’ll do the best to help you.

Will Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners help me lose weight?2021-08-13T17:40:14+00:00

The nutritional principles we teach as part of Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners will help to support optimal body composition and good health, however this is not a weight loss programme. We offer nutritional consultations focussing on weight loss and attaining a healthy body composition, please contact us on hello@runnershealthhub.com if this is of interest to you.

How long does it take to complete the programme?2021-08-13T17:40:59+00:00

You may complete the programme at your pace. You may work through the programme as many times as you like, or dip in and out of modules, to help refresh your healthy running food plan and maximise your run performance.


1:1 Food Diary Review (30-minute) Zoom Consultation. We would love to help you fine tune your personal runners food plan to help you achieve your health and running goals. All you need to do is complete a 3-day food diary and make a booking within 3-months of purchasing Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners to claim your bonus.


The suggestions we make during this programme are for guidance and advice only and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.  Please note that results may vary from person to person.

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