Macros for Midlife Runners

Macros for Midlife  Runners We explore some of the natural physiological changes of ageing and how these changes may impact on a female runner and her macronutrient needs. We consider the loss of lean body mass and the increase in fat mass and their impact on running performance, [...]

Run Lean Run Fast

Run Lean Run Fast Body composition is important for a runner. High body fat and low lean muscle could result in slow, sluggish running, however low body fat may result in injury, illness and muscle breakdown. In this episode we’re talking dietary and training approaches to attaining [...]

Nutrition Basics for ALL Runners

Nutrition Basics for ALL Runners Often runners interested in sports nutrition want to dive straight into nutrition specific to their training, however it’s vital that everyday nutrition is optimal so we’ll be sharing our recommendations for ensuring your nutrition basics are consistently in place so you can get [...]

Macronutrients for Runners

 Macronutrients for RunnersLearn about the macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) and how they can each be utilised in various ways to enhance your running performance. We will be discussing their importance for energy production, muscle recovery and repair, immune support, and much much more.For the female runner will take [...]

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