FOCUS ON Magnesium

A FOCUS on Magnesium Magnesium is an essential mineral (i.e. it MUST be provided from our diet as the body is unable to synthesise it) and is known as the “universal mineral” because it plays an important role in so many metabolic reactions (over 300) both as [...]

Focus on Eggs for Runners

Focus on Eggs for Runners Eggs contain and impressive array of nutrients. They are are powerhouse of protein including branched chain amino acids, healthy fats and are packed with micronutrients. We discuss 4 Nutrients found in Eggs and talk about how they may support your nutrient status [...]

A Focus on Calcium

Focus on Calcium We all know that calcium is good for our bones, but have you ever considered other ways this mineral may help support your running? In this episode we focus on calcium and discuss the consequences of suboptimal calcium status on running performance with a particular [...]

Nutrition to solve DOMS

Nutrition to Solve DOMS DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) can be debilitating for any runner. For some it can potentially mean time out of training or missing that big race. In this episode we explain what DOMS is and who may be at risk of developing it. We [...]

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