Running with Hayfever

Running with Hayfever Hay fever is a seasonal condition which affects many runners ranging from an irritation to a major disruption in run training and races and enjoyment of running. Around 25% of the UK population is affected by hay fever and there are lots of online articles [...]

FOOD FOR … Gut Healing

Food for Gut Healing Gut healing for runners: as runners we want our digestive system to be in optimal health to help prevent digestive distress, which is known to affect many runners and could lead to compromised running performance. In this episode of our FOOD FOR…SPOTLIGHT SERIES, we [...]

Bone Health for Runners

Bone Health for Runners (Part 1) Runners rarely thinks about bone health until unfortunately they have an accident or suffer from an injury and then their focus is on healing quickly so they can return to training. As we get older we are probably aware that bone health [...]

Nutrition for Running Injury

Nutrition For Running Injury Nutrition for Running Injury could help prevent YOU from taking excessive time out of running to recover. In this episode we discuss some of the most common injuries experienced by runners including shin splints and plantar fasciitis. We delve deep into the risk factors [...]

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