A big THANK YOU to everyone who listens to She Runs Eats Performs and also a thank you to those of you who took part in our 2023 Listener Survey. 

We really appreciate your feedback as it helps us create the best podcast possible, with topics you’ll love and to help grow our listener community.

Today we’d like to share the key results of our listener survey and also announce the winner of our free prize draw.

 Key results of the survey:

 1.    You like episodes to be between 30 and 60 minutes long – so we will do our best not to go over 60 minutes

2     You are interested in nutrition for:

a.    Fuelling your running – pre/during and post training

b.    Injury Prevention and Bone Health

c.     Menopause and post menopause

d.    Digestive Health

e.     Managing body composition

f.      Fuelling longer distances like ULTRAS

g.    Everyday family friendly food ideas

We are always looking for topic suggestions so if you have an idea drop us a line at hello@runnershealthhub.com

Many of you are regular listeners but you also like to dip into our back catalogue and search for topics relevant to you at the present moment – we are really pleased to hear that much of our content is evergreen and that it is there for you whenever you need it.

Lots of you said you tend to miss episodes if you’re busy with work or holidays, so what we’ve decided to do is to take a 2 week pause every 10-12 weeks which gives us and you a breathing space to catch up, but for the majority of the year we’ll continue with our weekly show every Thursday.

It’s been really interesting to find out what aspects of the show are important to you which are:

·       We share real food menu and food examples

·       The information we share is evidence based nutrition

·       You like our tips to fit in with a busy lifestyle

·       Our advice is tailored to midlife female runners

·       You like the KEY Takeaways at the end of each episode

·       And it’s important to you that we are both qualified nutritional therapists

Thanks again from both of us to everyone who completed the survey and all of you who listen to us. Our show is dedicated to YOU … a midlife female runner who wants to enhance your health and running performance as you navigate the menopause transition and beyond.

We want to share our FOOD FIRST approach and help you to action simple food concepts, tips and plans to support your running performance and any female health challenges.

We hope you’ll continue to join us and we’d love to hear from you so we can create the best possible podcast for you.

Remember … don’t let nutrition be the limiting factor in your running performance.

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We love to hear from our listeners – what are your nutrition and running goals, challenges and successes, please drop us a line at hello@runnershealthhub.com

 Best Wishes and Happy Running!

Karen and Aileen