Ultra-distance running is becoming more and more popular, however there is limited information on what to eat to fuel these distances. 

Do you struggle to eat ENOUGH for your ultra training?

The food and nutrition needs of an ultra-runner DURING training and in-event is going to be different from other endurance runners….even marathon runners. 

So, in this episode we:

1.     Outline some Core Eating Habits for an ultra-runner to consider

2.     Highlight some REAL FOOD ideas for ‘eating on the run’

3.     Give some practical solutions on how to include these foods during YOUR ultra-distance run training and events

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Outlining the FIVE core eating habits of an ultra runner as proposed by the American sports nutritionist and author Matt Fitzgerald: These core eating habits are:

1.     Eat everything

2.     Eat Quality

3.     Eat Carb Centred

4.     Eat Enough

5.     Eat Individually


Highlighting some REAL FOOD ideas to eat during the long hours of training or the long hours of running in an event including:

  • Pizza Bread
  • Tofu ‘cheese’ sandwich
  • Trial wrap with a filling of hummus and olives


Sharing some of Aileen’s REAL FOOD ideas that she takes with her on her long hikes including:

  • Plant-based burgers in a bun
  • Rice cakes
  • Salty foods
  • Sweet potato wedges


Considering some of the practical issues an ultra runner might have to overcome when determining which foods to take on a long run:

  • How to carry the food
  • Accessibility of food
  • What foods are available at the checkpoint stations during an event
  • Always have a nutrition back-up plan  



1) Remember to think about putting in place Matt Fitzgerald’s FIVE CORE HABITS: 

·       Eat everything

·       Eat Quality

·       Eat Carb Centred

·       Eat Enough

·       Eat Individually

2) As distances increase, surviving on bars, gels and medjool dates is just not going to work!! The body will require more substantial snacks…and in some instances…a proper meal…so REAL FOOD!!

3) When you begin practicing with REAL FOOD and recipes, choose ones that will be easy to make as well as easy to carry to help keep you inspired rather than it feeling like a chore!!

4) Some food ideas you could start practicing with include: pizza, sandwiches, plant-based burgers, sweet potato wedges….remember to share your experiences with us…I will share mine

5) Investing in durable and appropriate equipment is essential for any ultra-runner….including a back pack for all the food and fluids that will be required. There are so many choices out there so do your homework and choose one that fits with YOUR needs…not what a friend recommends you purchase!! 

6) Finally, remember to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE different eating strategies in training until you find what works for you so you can go into an event feeling confident and prepared for any eventuality

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and advice only, and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact your healthcare professional for advice as soon as possible.

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Karen and Aileen