We are celebrating passing the 3rd Anniversary of She Runs Eats Performs and we wanted to say a big thank you for joining us for some or maybe all our episodes. 

We are really excited to reach this milestone and we get a thrill every time we publish an episode and discover that you are out there listening to us.

We love it when we hear from you … it means so much when we get an email or a review or a comment on social media. We still pinch ourselves when we check on podcast downloads and discover where our listeners are in the world. 

As well as creating the episodes for the podcast we have free resources and paid for programmes and services at our website www.runnershealthhub.com  


We also wanted to ask a favour … we wanted to find out if there is anything we can do to improve your experience of She Runs Eats Performs, so we have created a short listener survey to get your feedback. 

Just click the survey link here and it’ll take you to the survey … there are only 8 questions and it’ll take 3 minutes to complete. Your answers will help us create the best podcast possible, with topics you’ll love and to help grow our listener community. 


If you complete the Listener Survey by 31st May 2023 and we’ll enter you into a FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a 1:1 Food Diary Review (30-minute) Zoom Consultation which will help you fine tune your personal runner’s food plan to help you achieve your health and running goals.


We’d love to follow up with a few people personally… to learn a little more about your individual situation. If you would you be open to chatting for a few minutes there is an option to send us your email address and we’ll be in touch with a call booking link so you can schedule a short chat with us at a time which suits your diary. Book a Podcast Feedback Call here. 


So, thanks again from both of us, our show is dedicated to YOU … a midlife female runner who wants to enhance your health and running performance as you navigate the menopause transition and beyond. 

We want to share our FOOD FIRST approach and help you to action simple food concepts, tips and plans to support your running performance and any female health challenges. 

We hope you’ll continue to join us and we’d love to hear from you so we can create the best possible podcast for you. 

Remember … don’t let nutrition be the limiting factor in your running performance and thanks again for listening with us!

Best Wishes and Happy Running

Karen and Aileen xx