Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR Review

May 15, 2023

Recommended as “Best Leggings for Running” by Women’s Fitness Magazine

Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR for Runners

We all love to feel good and look good when we are running but even more important is to have activewear which does the technical job too!

When you are a runner, you almost want to forget what you’re wearing. Your running kit must be fit for purpose.

In this article we will focus on….

  • Leggings

  • Tracker Pockets

  • Sizing down!

Amazing Jane are real women producing beautiful activewear for real women. The brand targets women of all ages, shapes and sizes so it is very inclusive…I also like the idea of the “Tracker Leggings” as I run long distances….often on hills and trails and a tracker is a great way to give my family peace of mind when I’m out running. Says Karen

Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR for Runners

All Amazing Jane leggings are:


TRACKHER #RunningScared

Personal safety is paramount for all women and especially for those of us who regularly exercise outdoors at all times of the day and in all weathers.

As well as personal security as runners we are also at risk of having trips, slips and falls.

We all rely on our phones for emergency assistance. But what if we drop our phone or in the worst case it’s taken from us?

In any situation, having a concealed personal tracker would help friends and family find us and give the help we need.

Amazing Jane have brought to market the innovative TrackHer leggings in response to the enormity of the situation that women face on a daily basis.

Every pair of Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR leggings has a Trackher pocket. This is a small, hidden pocket designed to be the correct size for a GPS personal tracker, such as a Tile personal tracker. Read more here.


Leggings “must feel good”, hold you in and stay in place! Amazing Jane Leggings are high compression and meant to be snug. They are great for running and also great for gym sessions.

I’m 5’3” so I like the 7/8 Indira Rise Leggings and Lilly Capri Wonder Leggings says Aileen

Karen is taller and loves all the lengths! This season Karen has treated herself to Harper Rise Leggings

What’s the difference between RISE and WONDER leggings?

WONDER Leggings: One leg seam, high waisted, waist pocket, super smoothing and flattering. A great shape for all women, and a great choice if you carry weight on your lower tummy.

RISE Leggings: Multiple seams including tummy and bottom, high leg pocket, waist pocket, smoothing, and flattering.

Remember to SIZE DOWN! See below.

Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR please use discount code RHH10 for 10% off ALL Purchases.

Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR for Runners.

Designed for REAL women of every size and shape!

Find out why Karen and Aileen LOVE Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR

We were very excited to discover Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR around the end of 2022 and we’ve been trialing wearing their leggings and tops so we can happily recommend them.

We LOVE that their activewear range is designed by REAL Women for REAL Women of all shapes and sizes. You can see from our photos that we (Karen and Aileen) are very different heights and body shapes and we’re delighted that the Amazing Jane range caters for both of us and many other women too.

I love the Amazing Jane ethos of “show up as you are” and that they champion REAL Women. Whatever our shape and size, we all love to feel good, so having beautifully designed activewear which not only looks great but does the technical job too, sets us all up for success. Says Aileen

Claire and Deb, the founders of Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR are professional fitness instructors with years of experience and their designs are based on what their female clients need/want/require … we are all different and they take that into account when designing their range.

For years we (Karen and Aileen) have  felt frustrated that many serious sportswear brands forget about hips, tums, bums and busts … and the more fashionable sports brands focus on looks and not on the technical support of their products.

There are a  few “brand exceptions” but often they are at the luxury price point. Which brings us to “affordability”, Amazing Jane pricing is as AMAZING as their name – a mid-price range for a top quality product.

We LOVE that Amazing Jane design ⭐️ leggings which don’t fall down⭐️ and workout tops which are built to flatter and support. All designs are cut to skim not cling, giving you confidence to look and feel great and focus on performance.

Karen feeling fabulous in Nadia Pink and Harper Rise Leggings.

A perfect running outfit!

Amazing Jane don't use models for their photoshoots - read more at AJ Stories

We use our amazing customers & friends for our photoshoots because they are the Real Women of Amazing Jane. Claire and Deb

Why not try Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR use discount code RHH10 for 10% off ALL Purchases.

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Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR for Runners.

Like most women (I guess) I tend to order a little bigger for "comfort".  You will know that Amazing Jane leggings are the correct fit when you struggle to pull them on over your thighs but once they are up they fit perfectly and stay in place! So following Claire's advice I was sorted on leggings ... then a few weeks later I ordered some tops.

I got it totally wrong and ordered far too big for me - they drowned me! Deb explained that their tanks and tops are designed individually to address body areas we prefer to cover. Each item is cut to fit correctly where it needs to, for example across the neckline, under the arms, and across the chest and to skim the tummy. So there is no need to buy a bigger size to avoid clinginess.

My advice is be brave and size down when you order from Amazing Jane! Says Aileen.


Sizing Down

Before we endorse any brand we like to test run and trial the products ... that goes for food, supplements and of course running kit. We both liked the look of Amazing Jane products and loved their values and ethos so initially we both ordered a pair of leggings to "check' them out!

We placed our online orders independently of each other using personal emails so we'd look like any customer. Imagine our surprise a day later when we both got phone calls from Claire to say hello and explained that as we were new customers she wanted to double check we had ordered the correct size. Read more about sizes here.

Amazing Jane ACTIVEWEAR please use discount code RHH10 for 10% off ALL Purchases.

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Enjoy this special offer please use discount code RHH10 for 10% off ALL Products


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