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FOUNDATIONAL Food Habits for Beginner Runners

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FOUNDATIONAL Food Habits for Beginner Runners
Helping you to put Easy Nutrition Basics in place

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PLUS TEN easy to make recipes

Feeling Frustrated?

Once upon a time … every runner was a beginner

Do you ever ask yourself …

“Am I good enough or can I be better?

“Can my running improve?

“Will I ever get there?

Well, YES YOU CAN get there!

All you need is some nutritional (and lifestyle) guidance alongside consistent running practice

Meet Aileen and Karen

Nutritionists, Educators, Podcasters, Runners and Friends

We are busy working women, who run for health, fitness, achievement, and fun. Even as Nutritional Therapists, we have had our own personal “running performance” struggles.  That’s why we came together to combine our nutritional expertise and running experiences to support runners like you …. a recreational or club runner or a weekend warrior … 

 Free Runners Nutrition Guide. Mobile phone showing free nutrition guide for runners.

Karen and Aileen designed the Free FOUNDATIONAL Food Habits for Beginner Runners to to support YOU in making the correct food choices for your lifestyle, your health and your running to help you build stamina and become FITTER, FASTER and STRONGER…and also leaner, if this is a goal.

Everyday healthy food choices and foundational food habits are KEY to supporting energy, a healthy body composition and to help prevent injury.

Having nutrition basics in place alongside regular and consistent running practice (short distances) will create a great foundation to increasing your mileage and speed … then we can help you with nutritional fuelling for half marathon plus distances.

In our Free FOUNDATIONAL Food Habits for Beginner Runners Nutrition Guide we share:

Health benefits of running
Healthy Plate Balance TIPS
The Purpose of Food Groups
Do You Need to Snack?

PLUS 10 “easy to make” healthy recipes!

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