1:1 Personalised Nutrition

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This is for YOU if you want some focussed and personalised advice and support to help you achieve your health and running goals.

Choose to focus on one of the following

Personalised Runners Food Plan

to support everyday nutrition, running specific food plan and race day fuelling and recovery

Nutrition Foundations Plan

to support an underlying health condition related to digestion, hormonal health, immune system, musculoskeletal health, body composition

Nutrition For Injury Recovery Plan

to support your healing with optimal nutrition to help you make a healthy return to your training plan

Functional testing and supplement review plans are also available plus ongoing nutritional coaching as a follow up to your initial programme.

Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell are BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

If you’d like to book, we’ll schedule your first consultation and send you our health questionnaire to complete prior to our zoom call.

A personalised nutrition programme is for YOU if you

  • Want to skip a DIY approach to your nutrition and food planning

  • Desire to get to the ROOT of why you are not achieving your health and running goals

  • REQUIRE smart steps – the WHAT, WHEN and HOW to implement a healthy runners nutrition plan

  • Are too BUSY to go it alone!

  • You’d love EXPERT guidance on implementing your plan

Are you ready?

We will inspire, motivate, and support you throughout your chosen programme.

We will commit 100% to your success. Together we’ll achieve the results you desire.

We will cheer you on when you’re doing well and will help you bounce back quickly if you go off track.

Don’t let nutrition be the Limiting Factor in Your Running Performance

We have designed three 1:1 Personalised Nutrition Plans for you 

Also available for ALL programmes:

  • Functional testing and interpretation

  • Supplement review plans

  • Ongoing nutritional coaching as a follow up to your initial programme.

How it Works! 1:1 Personalised Nutrition Plan for YOU

We confirm all our recommendations in a written plan so you have an easy to reference document – everything you need to know in one place.

Aileen Smith and Karen Campbell are BANT and CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

Meet Karen Campbell

Karen is an endurance runner, having achieved 17 European marathons and 5 Ultras to date. She specialise in nutrition for Marathon and Ultra distance running.

“I love to see runners reaching their full performance potential through simple nutritional and lifestyle changes” Karen

Meet Aileen Smith

Aileen is a recreational runner focussing on 10 k to 1/2 marathon and has 11 Great North Runs under her belt. She specialises in nutrition for Beginners up to Half Marathon distance running.

“I love to help runners find easy ways to enjoy healthy high-performance food and fit it into their lifestyle” Aileen

Both have a keen personal and professional interest in mid-life female health and a desire to support women to achieve optimal health at every life stage.

Testimonial from Karen A (Herts, UK)

Karen is a regular listener to our podcast (She Runs Eats Performs). She contacted us for help to prepare for her first marathon.

Karen booked A Personalised Runners Food Plan Programme with us.

Aim of Karen’s Programme:

Education and advice around what, how much and when to eat pre/during/post running and preparation for Marathon. Also nutrition to alleviate low energy and fatigue after her long runs.

Karen’s Programme Goal:

“Train for first marathon feeling energetic and with good recovery and feel confident and energetic on race day”. Improved energy levels to support increasing mileage leading up to race day.

This is Karen’s feedback after her first session:

“Just a quick note to say thank you for all the information you’ve sent through, I’m taking all the useful information in and starting to create a shopping list of new tasty goodies! I’ve had two smoothies already this week, one with coconut water post run club on Tuesday evening, is such a great way to get those nutrients in. Thank you again for all the great info, I’m looking forward to it”

Here is Karen’s story following her race:

“I am so pleased to say I completed the marathon 3 minutes within the time I was targeting. I feel so pleased and it’s such a great achievement for me. Karen, thank you for walking me through marathon food plan pre, during and post, it all went to plan. Thank you both so much for your podcast inspiration and support in helping me achieve my running goal. It’s been great to learn so much on this journey from you both”.


One Time Payment

£599One Time Payment


£2153 Months

Functional Tests, Supplements and additional consultations/coaching sessions are at an additional charge.


Q1. How do I work out which programme is best for me?2021-11-02T13:49:37+00:00

A.When you book your complimentary call with us, we’ll assess your current health status and suggest the best programme for you. If you have a number of running and health goals, we are able to design a bespoke programme to suit you.

Q2. Who would I have my consultations with? Aileen or Karen or both?2021-11-02T13:01:49+00:00

A. When you book your complimentary call you may choose to book with Aileen or Karen. When we know a bit more about your health and running goals, we’ll suggest who it would be best for you to work with. Aileen tends to focus on Beginner – ½ Marathon runners and Karen with Marathon and Ultra Runners. Both are experienced practitioners in relationship to supporting a range of health conditions and musculoskeletal health. For some clients we will allocate consultations between Aileen and Karen to give you the best service in line with your goals.

Q3. I can’t afford the full price for this programme – can I pay in instalments?2021-11-02T13:02:34+00:00

A. Yes, to help make the programme affordable, we have a 2-payment option available

Q4. If I was to do the programme, what would happen afterwards? Is that it, or would there be any ongoing support?2021-11-02T13:26:16+00:00

A. Our personalised 1:1 programmes/plans are designed to give you education and an outline plan to empower you to make changes and keep them alive as a way of life into the longer-term.

For some clients they’d like some additional consultations or coaching calls to help them maintain good practices, have accountability or to move onto their next health or running goal. To help with this we have a range of add-on services you may book following the completion of your programme.

Additionally you are welcome to keep in touch by joining our free FB Group (insert link) where we host weekly Q&A sessions. Every week we release a new episode on our podcast She Runs Eats Performs (insert link) to keep you up to date and inspired with running and nutrition related topics.

Q5. Is this programme suitable for a Vegetarian or Vegan?2021-11-02T13:33:11+00:00

Yes, you may follow any food plan, we teach you about the foundational nutritional pieces to support your running nutrition plan. Karen follows a vegetarian food plan, so we personally and professionally are aware of your requirements.

Q6. Do I have to follow a specific food plan on the programme, or may I choose my own foods?2021-11-02T13:28:33+00:00

We give you lots of suggestions of healthy foods, menu ideas and our favourite recipes, however it is our aim to educate you about making the best food choices for you to suit your budget and your tastes. If you have any questions during the programme email us or message us and we’ll do the best to help you.

Q7. Will a 1:1 Personalised Nutrition Plan help me lose weight?2021-11-02T13:29:13+00:00

The nutritional principles we teach will help to support optimal body composition and good health. If weight loss is your goal, we will focus your plan on attaining a healthy body composition.

Q8. How long does it take to complete the programme?2021-11-02T13:30:14+00:00

We suggest you schedule this programme over 4-12 weeks. It’s best to space out consultation to allow you some time to implement suggestions and have access to us to ask questions and fine tune practices. We’d discuss this with you during our initial call. 


To complement your 1:1 programme:

BONUS FOOD FOR Half Marathon and Beyond Video lesson (20-minutes) plus PDF of slides

BONUS COUPON Code to Purchase Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners Online Programme for only £97 (full price is £297)

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