Whatever your level we want to promote your joy of running for the long-term

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Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners can help YOU reach peak running performance


Being a healthy runner leads to enhanced endurance, increased energy, and efficient recovery

A healthy runner is someone who:

Our aim is for all runners to be able to enjoy a long and healthy running “career”

Easy Nutrition For Healthy RUNNERS is designed to be informative, give easy to implement advice, and provide you with lots of opportunities to ask questions via the Facebook group posts or on LIVE Q&A sessions

Would recommend to any runners who want to have the edge! Thank you Aileen and Karen for your outstanding knowledge and clear opinions and recommendations!


Great resources designed to help runners at all levels. Videos and materials are available to refer to – but the best parts in my view were the Live Q&A sessions. Even if you think you’ve got it nailed, I would very much recommend this programme to help cement the habits needed as a runner.



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