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TOP Running Snacks and Nutrient Timing to Fuel Peak Performance

For mid-life female runners of ALL abilities!

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Feeling Frustrated?

Attaining Peak Running Performance can sometimes feel elusive

Do you ever ask yourself …

“Am I good enough or can I be better?

“Can my running improve?

“Will I ever get there?

Well, YES YOU CAN get there!

All you need is some nutritional (and lifestyle) guidance

Meet Aileen and Karen

Nutritionists, Educators, Podcasters, Runners and Friends

We are busy working women, who run for health, fitness, achievement, and fun. Even as Nutritional Therapists, we have had our own personal “running performance” struggles.  That’s why we came together to combine our nutritional expertise and running experiences to support runners like you …. a recreational or club runner or a weekend warrior … 

Our Podcast

SHE RUNS EATS PERFORMS …. for mid-life female runners of all abilities

Are you confused about the science around nutrition for runners? Listen in to learn about the WHY, HOW, WHAT, and WHEN of eating to fuel your running performance.

We help you translate sports nutritional science, into easy to apply tips and plans, helping you enjoy peak running performance. We focus on the FEMALE FACTORS every woman needs to know to be a healthy runner.

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Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners

Be the BEST Runner You Can Be

Would you love to be fitter faster and injury free?

Are you struggling to reach your performance goals?

Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners is designed for the busy runner, helping you action simple, easy to apply tips and healthy food suggestions for everyday health and sports nutrition.

Healthy Woman Healthy Runner

Glow with Health and Vitality

Are you a woman who loves running, health, and wellbeing?

Are you struggling with midlife running?

The Healthy Woman Healthy Runner Method is designed for the midlife female runner who wants to discover the healthiest way to enjoy her love of running and her love of food and socialising.